Issue 37: Game of The End (Part 1)

TWO MORE EPISODES in Season 2 (and this is one of them!) Mrs. Work is capturing ALL the Weirdos with her spider suit! Can Graphene and Teal Titan stop her? Can Fish Out Of Water and Rainbow Chaser get back into the story? And WHO exactly is Justina Crusher -- and what incredible powers does she have?

Issue 36: Supervillain Rumble

What? Mrs. Work, who seems like a supervillain, wants to team up with the Weirdos? What? Mrs. Pawnsown, who seems like a supervillain, is licensing mind-controlling tech from Mrs. Work? What? ITGirl, who we've always thought of as a hero is now considering teaming up with one of these possible supervillains? WHAT?!?!?1?one?

Issue 35.5: Special Annoucement

Oops! We accidentally took a vacation, and then the WHOLE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE-DOWN! Was it our fault? We're really sorry if it was. But we here at Team Weirdos understand that there are a LOT of listeners with a LOT of time on their hands, and we're back to keep things weird! (Wash your hands!)

Issue 35: Baninja Three Point Oh

WE'RE BACK – with four episodes left in Season 2! Today, we see Teal Titan and Baninja reunite with Graphene, and Baninja reuniting with something that's been lost to him for nearly a whole season. But can the Weirdos handle the cost? Also, the Weirdos get a new battle cry – but can the Weirdos handle how bad it is?

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