Issue 31: Fish Two Point Oh

Some people in and around Quadropolis are absolutely obsessed with answering one question: "Which is worse -- Fish Out Of Water's powers, or his name?" Find out what happens when he's offered a wish about his superpowers by the mysterious forces that Rainbow Chaser is in contact with!

Issue 30: The New Weirdos

We're a legit podcast now -- we have sponsors! Remember the boring old days of just hearing a story? Now you get to hear an advertisement first! LUCKY DAY! We hope you enjoy learning all about Auntie Antionette's Pick 'Em Off Pizza. Oh, yeah, and our heroes do some stuff in this episode too.

Issue 28: Whatever It Takes

Happy Pride, Weirdos! This episode is the culmination of our 2019 Pride Month story arc! As Dagney's plan transforms from "I bet there's going to be a cool twist" to "Holy cow, she's acting like a supervillain," Ameenah "Graphene" and Kirby "Baninja" are prisoners on the back of Mrs. Pawnson's invisible plane. How are they going to get out? And what are they going to do once they're out? We're excited to be part of the Kids Listen Pride Sweeps. Check out these other great shows participating! Be Calm on Ahway Island - But Why - Circle Round - Girl Tales - Noodle Loaf - What If World -

Issue 27: The Teal Titan

While Dagney is making her deal with a villain, we turn back to the ground. Rainbow Chaser, the superhero with powers that are even harder to use well than Fish Out Of Water's, is being chased by a superpowered snot rhino. The only person there to help him is, well, Fish Out Of Water. Hopefully they can find someone with a superpower that doesn't rely on external circumstances...

Issue 25: Chasing Rainbows

As we fast-forward out of Jules' flashback to present time, we've got a bit of a longer episode for you today. We meet a new hero, our superheroes get new costumes, and we finally learn what Dagny "ITGirl" Work has been plotting this whole time. (Aren't there already enough people named "Work" who plot?)

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