Meet the Weirdos

What is a Weirdo? It's a person -- usually a kid -- who has some sort of supernatural ability. These kids haven't copyrighted that term or anything -- copyrights are for soulless corporations like Binary Consolidated. This page gives you a who's-who of the imporant people and places of the Weirdoverse.

ITGIrl: Dagny Work

Dagny Work is the daughter of Mrs. Work, who in Seasons 1 and 2 is the VP of the worlds most powerful corporation, Binary Consolidated. Dagny worries that her mom is a supervillain, and has teamed up with her friends to try to stop Mrs. Work.

ITGirl can communicate 
with computers, learning about 
bugs and other problems. She 
can also talk back to them, but 
the only word they ever understand 
is "REBOOT!"

Baninja: Kirby Kuromoto

No hero loses or gains powers more than Baninja. In Season 1, he had the ability to throw bananas very accurately, and slip out of tricky situations. Over the seasons, he's had incredible tech from his family's company, Jodande Enterprises, and he's lost that tech when his family got in trouble. He's had "Bananatech" samurai armor and lost that to terrible accidents. He's even had a robotic butler assistant who [REDACTED: SPOILERS], sadly.

You can't keep Baninja down. Whether or not he has powers, or whether or not he should be talking, he's there, fighting, and trying to be in charge.

Graphene: Ameenah Amparo

Ameenah is Dagny's best friend, but she begins to question that as the seasons go on. Ameenah really kind of wants things to be normal, but weird stuff keeps happening all around her, and she's usually the right person to deal with it. Her powers let her draw things with her fingertip and make them real.

Where Kirby has a clear sense of what "Justice" means, and Dagny is committed to using powers and resources to help as many people as she can, Ameenah doesn't spend as much time before hand trying to define "right" and "wrong." She's confident in making decisions in-the-moment.

Fish Out Of Water: Jules Jones

Jules starts the story looking like a villain as a superpowered athlete employed by Mrs. Work. His power to turn into a fish (as long as he's wet) and do a "fish flop," flinging himself several meters in any direction while in "fish form" are... Situational, at best.

Above everything, Fish is loyal. He throws himself into combat -- literally -- and does his best to keep everybody honest.

Teal Titan: Tony Tobegda

A friend of Rainbow Chaser and Fish Out Of Water, Teal Titan joined the Weirdos in Season 2. She's totes not sarcastic (yeah right), and probably the most physically powerful of the Weirdos. Her superpower is nearly unlimited strength against anything that is colored teal.

Because teal is not exactly a popular color, Titan helps herself out by wearing teal athletic shorts. By smacking her shorts, she can knock herself dozens of meters in any direction -- including up. This makes Teal Titan the only one of the Season 2 weirdos who can do something like flying without external help.

Binary Consolidated

Binary Consolidated is the most powerful company in the world -- and it's headquartered right in Quadropolis.

Are they a weapons company? A tech company? Do they make smartphones or guns? Do they make armies, or drones, or superheroes, or apps?

The answer to all these questions is "yes."

Through Season 2, Mrs. Gwennifer Work is the VP -- but she seems to be in charge, and call all the shots. Is she a hero? Is she a villain? The answer is as complex as "What does Binary make?"