Issue 2: Follow the Lead-Ar

Hey weirdos! In the second episode of this serial podcast for kids, 12 year-old superhero Ameenah Amparo gets ready to go on her first mission. Step 1 -- Ameenah and her super-powered best friend Dagny must decide on the all-important question of superhero names. Step 2 -- they have to break onto a high-tech ocean liner docked at the world's most successful company. Easy peasy, right?

Issue 1: The Making of a Hero

12 year old Dagny "ITGirl" Work is forced into a business dinner on behalf of her mom, Gwennifer Work. Gwennifer, the VP of Binary Consolidated, the world's most successful company, is trying to impress the owner of a company she wants to buy. Dagny just wants to use her superpowers. But over the course of the dinner, she discovers her mom has interest in powers as well.

Issue 0: Trailer

BE A HERO! LISTEN TODAY!This is a serialized story, and a new episode is launched each week. For the best experience, subscribe in iTunes, Stitcher, PocketCasts, or your favorite podcasting app! Just Us Weirdos - ISSUE 0Season 1 Trailer Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:39 — 2.0MB)Subscribe Today: Apple Podcasts | Google...

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